Cold and Hot Starters

Hot and cold starters from the menu of the steakhouse and cider house Loiu

Carte of workdays from Loiu Steakhouse and Cider House

On working days, the Loiu Steakhouse and Cider House has a carte prepared for non-holiday days.
Does not include buffet service, nor drink from barrel, coffee etc

Cold and Hot Starters from Loiu Steakhouse and Cider House

Cold Starters Price
Crab (kg.) 26.70€
Salad 8.50€
Acorn Iberian Ham 18.90€
Asparagus two sauces 13.60€
Asparagus Pudding 12.60€
Lettuce hearts from Tudela with Roquefort cream 13.75€
Anchovies of Santoña with Grilled Red Peppers 13.10€

Hot Starters from Loiu Steakhouse and Cider House

Hot Starters Price
Garlic Prawns 14.90€
"Sarteneko" Lobsters 20.90€
Baked Prawns (12uds.) 22.40€
Sausage to the Cider 8.50€
Scrambled Cod 12.60€
Scrambled eggs with Mushrooms (boletus edulis) 16.80€
Morcilla con pimientos del piquillo 11.30€
Basque Country Green Peppers (18 Units.) (on the season) 8.50€
Soup  3.40€
Fish Soup (Aspaldiko Arrain Sopa) 6.80€
Croquettes 8.60€
French fries 5.60€
Mixed Paella 9.90€


Others Price
Bread 2.20€
Variety of Desserts 5.00€
Coffee 2.50€

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