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We know that the wine awakens passions, so that our wine will find more than 100 different wines from all denominations of origin. Moreover, throughout our history we have made an effort simply to have products harvest field and own among the highlights we can mention.

Txakoli Aspaldiko of vineyards and Txakolina Bizkaiko designation of origin. Different types of wine from vineyards over 40 types of grapes. (Possibility of wine tastings with our menus). Oil own olive grove with 10 types of olives (Possibility production demo). Homemade liqueurs.

Wine is now a cultural and gastronomic value, Aspaldiko made in our vineyards 40 types of grape varieties. We refer to the result of the development of the grapes (winemaking) with maceration, pressing, decanting, etc.. Wine contains more than a thousand substances, most come from the same grape, others form in winemaking and others disappear, like vitamin c. wine contains between 75% to 90% water. The second most important component of wine is ethyl alcohol and sugar content can range from the very dry 2 grams to 300 grams per liter for the very sweet.

Throughout history wine has been used not only as a stimulant but as a staple food and medicine. In general we can say that regular, moderate consumption of wine can prevent heart disease and other factors contribute to a long life. The wine grape has spread through the Roman Empire and in the last 2,000 years, extensive references exist in earlier civilizations, nomadic peoples in 6000 or 7000 years ago also references appearing in Egyptian and Greek culture.

The different characteristics of the grapes are due to the different grape varieties and depending on the area, temperature, amount of sunlight, soil type, etc.. Among the different varieties we mention the contribution of our vineyards planted with 40 varieties that we are about 40 major grape varieties. To display this tasting we chose 14 varieties by two groups:

Badeblanco's ®

Hondarribi-zuri (txakoli).
Sauvignon blanc.

Badetinto's ®

Cabernet sauvignon.
Pinot noir.
(Tinta de Toro, Tinto Fino, red or cencibel country).

The red wines are presented the 2009-2010 harvest and have not had any contact in your container element that may have varying its natural flavor. In all wines content exceeds 50% of the range that defines it. The white wines are from the 2010-2011 harvest are all natural wines can call came alive that keep active all the natural essences will call: (SINEQUERCU) ® SINROBLE
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