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Special T-Bone Steak Menu

The unmistakable flavor of the grill could never be better reflected than with a steak, another of the star dishes of the Loiu steakhouse and cider house.


The menu includes self-service workdays with 4 cold dishes and 4 hot dishes.
Diners who choose T-Bone Steak Menu has free access to the barrel drink:

  • Cider
  • Red Wine
  • Claret
  • Beer
  • Water

This is a menu prepared for two people only available for weekend and holidays

Special T-Bone Steak Menu

Special menu for two people

  • Chorizo and Chistorra red Sausages in Cider
  • Cod Sautèed with Egg
  • Battered Cod with Green Peppers or Longfin Tuna with Onions (depending on season)

Second Plate:

  • 1.200 grs T-Bone Steak with Garnish

Selection of Desserts

Price per person:39,90 €/VAT inc.


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