Choose your favorite Sandwich of Loiu Steackhouse&Cider House


 The most traditional and tasty sandwiches and snacks at the Loiu Cider House

The sandwich, a simple and inimitable way to eat well at the Loiu steackhouse and cider house

Few other things are as simple to prepare and eat as a snack. A loaf of bread opened in the middle and inside it what you want is more than enough to enjoy a fast, rich and casual food .
The sandwich is the perfect complement to carry it without problems to any place or to eat it surrounded by good company, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere that is created in the terrace of the steakhouse and cider house Loiu.Know the proposals that the cider house Loiu makes available to those who prefer to opt for sandwiches, rations, menu or dish of the day of the snack bar and terrace serviceAfter all, who does not want to eat from time to time to eat informally? ? There is no doubt that next to the tapas or pintxos, the sandwiches are the maximum expression of that informality.



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