The Loiu steakhouse and cider house´s buffet, on workdays


 Improvises on the fly with the Loiu BBQ and cider buffet.

Design your day and customize it to your liking with the Loiu cider house´s buffet

Thanks to the wide variety of hot and cold dishes available at the Loiu Cider House´s Buffet, each guest can enjoy authentic traditional cuisine with the dishes he likes the most from Monday to Friday .(except holidays). In this way, each guest can enjoy a personalized menu to their liking.
As it could not be otherwise, also in the Buffet the available dishes are executed according to the season, since in this way, preparations with greater flavor and superior quality are obtained.
The buffet includes both bread and Barrika drinks (cider, red wine, claret wine, beer, soft drinks, water) and coffee.



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Buffet Menu...
Buffet menu of the Loiu Steakhouse and Cider House Buffet...
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