Gluten free menu in Loiu cider house- Special menu for workdays

Celiacs Menu

 That nothing prevents you from enjoying the authentic taste of traditional cider house

Enjoy a menu with all the flavor and gluten-free in the steakhouse and cider house Loiu

At the Loiu cider house, dishes full of flavor are prepared for celiacs and only with gluten-free foods, even during the week from Monday to Friday. The gluten-free special menu for celiacs is also available on weekends and / or holidays..
The menu is designed for all those people who want to enjoy an adequate diet and dishes full of flavor. It is a gluten-free menu designed for all those people who need, or prefer, to follow a diet without components that harm their health due to gluten intolerance. We work and strive so that the celiacs do not feel that their tastes and needs are left unanswered.
In the Loiu cider house there is no reason to eat without flavor, without variety and without pleasure.
Special menus such as the gluten-free menu must be requested with prior notice on weekdays, holidays or weekends.

Celiacs Menu


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