Loiu Steakhouse & Cider House a la Carte-Weekend and Holidays

Cider House-Carte (Carte)

 Taste and tradition united in the weekend menu and festivities of the cider house Loiu

Roaster and cider house Loiu a la Carte weekend and holidays

On holidays and weekends, the cider house Loiu offers a varied selection with the best dishes in its menu for lunch as well as holidays and weekends, , (not available on working days).
In the menu of the cider house, the respect that the restaurant has for traditional Basque cuisine is clearly noticeable. The carte from the cider house Loiu, presents two sections with which he divides his dishes in two sections; incoming and seconds. The starters can be both cold and hot, the latter on the other hand offer two alternatives to the diner: fish and meat.
Eating a la carte does not include buffet service or kupela drinks, coffee, etc.

Cider House-Carte (Carte)


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